The early mornings this month have mostly been lovely, so quiet and peaceful, as it was when I drove through the fens last week to collect the asparagus. A vast expanse of sky with just a few wispy clouds and not a breath of wind. That landscape is not my favourite, though it has a mysterious air about it, but on this occasion it was magnificent. The photo above was taken on the farm of the Globe Artichoke field with that big sky as a backdrop. On my way back Ely Cathedral hove into view from a considerable distance, it sat majestically, dominating the horizon as it has done in its present form since 1083. The cathedral’s origins date back to AD 672 when St Etheldreda built an abbey church on the site. One can only marvel at the engineering feat, and the quality of the craftsmanship employed to create an edifice on that scale with the construction tools and techniques that were available at the time.

The evenings have been pretty special too. This was the view from my garden as the sun was setting yesterday. The beer was purely medicinal.

I went through the bees again this afternoon and I can confirm that the new season honey will be available this week (barring any disasters). Demand will be high and supply will be limited for the time being, so please exercise some restraint when ordering. The swarm that I rehomed last Sunday is doing really well, so I am hoping for great things from it later in the summer.

Planting continued apace last week, with 96 tomato plants going into the polytunnel, another 48 will join them in due course. The greenhouse tomatoes are now putting on some good growth after sitting there doing nothing for a few weeks. Chard and lettuce were planted outside and I sowed several rows of beetroot and carrots. Tomorrow I will be setting out more broccoli to follow on from the first batch. I think I have lost every climbing bean plant to the rabbits, the newly emerged dwarf French beans have been covered in netting to protect them from attack. I will definitely be picking Broad beans next week – a few are ready now, but not enough to feed the masses. Gardener’s perks mean that I get to sample them first – sorry (not sorry). The following week I reckon that the kohl rabi will be the right size to lift.

This week you have a choice of three lettuce types – round red, red oakleaf and Little Gem. As it’s salad weather there will be mini plum and cherry vine tomatoes. Asparagus, broccoli, courgette, carrots, beetroot, onions and potatoes make up the bulk of the vegetable offering, though technically rhubarb also falls into that category. Oranges, kiwi fruit, lemons and Cripps red apples should provide you with your vitamin C intake.

Next week is the big Jubilee jamboree, but I don’t think that it will get in the way of our regular timetable. More on that next Sunday. In the meantime I need to start knitting some bunting.

I’m off now because I want to go and sit outside with a medicinal beverage and watch the sun go down. Have a good week one and all.



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