Like The White Rabbit in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I’m late; oh my fur and whiskers, I’m late. It’s not my fault, yesterday’s cricket is to blame. I had followed the Cricket World Cup on the radio since the tournament began at the end of May, listening to a good two thirds of the games, irrespective of who was playing. I just love the Test Match Special coverage, it’s like stepping into your slippers and pulling on your comfiest sloppy jumper to hear the commentators and summarisers talking about the game, and then going off at tangents to witter on about all manner of subjects; a day listening to the cricket is a day well spent. Imagine then my horror (and delight), when Sky Sports did the decent thing by allowing Channel 4 to broadcast the final on free to air TV (though that term is somewhat misleading, as we all pay our TV licence), because I felt like a traitor by abandoning my TMS radio friends for the razzamatazz of the telly boys. I could have turned off the TV volume and had the radio on, but Sky is forever showing fancy graphics on the screen, so the two would have been out of kilter. Anyway, the reason that I didn’t write this last night was because the game went on so late, and then I had to go back to Moyns Park to do the watering and close up the greenhouses and polytunnel, and I was just too excited by what I had witnessed. Apparently there was another sporting event on at the same time that was pretty good too.

Meet Khan. Khan is a beautiful Bengal cat, and has recently been spending a lot of time in and around the garden; mostly in the greenhouse or the potting sheds on rodent patrol, but sometimes just lazing in the warmth of the sun under one of the fig trees. Khan lives in one of the estate cottages that back on to the lower half of the garden, he owns Tony who works with the horses. At the moment I don’t have much of a mouse problem, but later in the year, after the harvest, they may come in to look for easy pickings, so Khan could become a valuable ally to have, if only as a deterrent.





I had a week of two halves last week. It started fine, I dug potatoes, I planted sweetcorn and leeks, I worked on the tomatoes, and then on Wednesday I got me a migraine. I have them with an aura, where one sees flashing lights and gets blurred vision, and has very light sensitive eyes. This time I did not get a thumping headache, but I felt quite unwell, so I went home and lay in a darkened room. later in the day I didn’t feel quite as bad, so I went back to work with the intention of doing light duties, just pottering about. However, I then experienced something that I hadn’t in previous Migraine episodes; my lips and tongue started tingling and became quite numb, and then I got the same down my arm to my finger tips – like pins and needles. It put the wind up me a bit, so I went straight home and researched the symptoms. They were consistent with some Migraine attacks, which actually came as a relief, because Stroke came into my thoughts. Emily got me to do the Stroke related checks….lop-sided face, could I smile? could I raise my arms? was my speech slurred? No to all of them. In the following few days I felt pretty groggy, with 2 or 3 more tingling mouth/arm events, but today I felt much more ‘normal’ so hopefully that’s that…..until next time; having said that, that was the first Migraine I have had in 3 or 4 years.

Tomatoes are beginning to ripen nicely, though they are by no means in full swing yet, but they are all mine from now until the autumn. Courgettes and cucumbers are also bulking up and fruiting more prolifically. There are still broad beans, plus chard, red and green cabbage, red and green loose-leaf lettuce, new and salad potatoes, onions, mushrooms, beetroot and carrots. There are oranges, lemons and kiwi fruit. I looked at the beans today, and the first few French ones are developing, and some tiny runners are emerging from their fading flowers, so it shouldn’t be long before picking commences….a good drop of rain would help everything along.

I’m at the dentist first thing in the morning for the second mammoth root canal session, and I’m not looking forward to another hour in the chair! It’s not that I am a wimp, though there is an element of that, it’s just very unpleasant having your mouth clamped open for all that time. At the start of the treatment I was told that there was no guarantee that it would work; I’m hoping that is just arse covering on their part, because I will be pretty cheesed off if it doesn’t work!

Right I had better get on, otherwise I will hardly be able to complain about you sending your order in late. Have a good week.


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