Yes folks, it’s hurtling towards us at the speed of Casey Jones at the throttle of the Cannonball Express. In fact at this time in 2 weeks from now the fat lady will have been resting her vocal chords for some time, and we will all be thinking of bursting our bubbles. However, before then we have to make plans….or to be accurate, I need plans in place to help me provide you with all the vegetables that you will need for a TV dinner for one as you listen to the Queen telling us what another Annus Horribilis it has been. Hopefully you will be able to have some jolly company to share your sprouts with, but either way I need your cooperation.

So here goes. This week is a normal one, in that ordering and deliveries will be as usual, with an order deadline of Tuesday night. What I also need from you at the same time is your Christmas order, so even if you don’t need anything for the coming week I will still need your Christmas order if you want one for that week – I must have it before the close of play on Tuesday 15th December. Your Christmas order should be clearly marked CHRISTMAS ORDER in the comments box. I will be ordering a lot of perishable produce in, so I want to ensure that I have enough for everyone, but not too much.

Deliveries. Customers local to Moyns Park – Birdbrook, Steeple Bumpstead, Stambourne, Baythorne End, Stoke by Clare, Clare, Ashen, will have their boxes delivered on Wednesday evening 23rd. All other deliveries will be made on Christmas Eve morning 24th. My final farmers’ market of the year is on Saturday 19th, so that will be the last date for collections from there.

I hope that’s all clear, if you have any questions please get in touch via email or by phone or text message 07772457063 thank you for assistance – what a team!

I apologise for the missing red cabbage last week, I had a brain fade and completely forgot to order them. Safe to say I have learned my lesson and there will be plenty available this week. The vegetable that you have been waiting for has arrived; yes it’s the ‘fart in the mouth’ that is either loved or loathed – Brussels sprouts! Also new for this week are Blood Oranges, Limes, and sprigs/small bunches of fresh sage leaves. Otherwise the contents of the shop for the next two weeks will be pretty familiar to you.

I am very poorly prepared personally for Christmas this year; in fact I haven’t done anything yet, not a sausage. I think that I may have to go to Bury tomorrow to do my shopping, because I’m not sure when else I will be able to, and I figure that Monday will at least be pretty quiet…..tell me it will be. I’m not looking forward to it, but I don’t want to get lulled into further filling the pockets of Jeff Bezos, it’s all too easy (and lazy) to be drawn into the Amazon web. Trouble is I haven’t a clue what I am going to buy. I know what will happen, I will browse in numerous shops without really looking at anything as if in a dream state, because that’s what I do, then I will develop a thumping headache before finding refuge in somewhere warm and dry to drink coffee and eat a toasted teacake, desperately hoping that inspiration will hit me like a flash of lightning. This year will be worse than usual, because wearing a mask in and out of the shops is going to increase my stress level further. Perhaps I will forget shopping and just whittle some ornaments from Brussels sprouts stalks – it’s the thought that counts.

My job for today was creating a prison for the hens, because from tomorrow they will be in their own lockdown. DEFRA had decreed that all domestic fowl and poultry are to be kept inside, or at least in an enclosure that excludes wild birds that could be transmitting Avian Flu, strain H5N8. There have been outbreaks at Turkey rearing farms near Attleborough and Kings Lynn, and there have been confirmed cases in Mute Swans in Suffolk and Essex. The public is encouraged to report to DEFRA any dead birds it finds, so that they can be tested for the virus. Our girls are so used to having the run of the garden that they will absolutely hate having their freedom restricted, and it could be for months…..we kind of know how they feel.

We are leaving Europe, but we have been told on numerous occasions that we will continue to have close links with our European ‘friends’, whatever the outcome of the Brexit talks; the entente cordiale is alive and well. And in that spirit of friendship and goodwill it seems that our Government would like to send a signal to our neighbours….by threatening to deploy the gun boats! Charming.

Have a good week, please shout if the Christmas arrangements have confused you. Please remember to pay online, return your boxes if possible, and try to meet the order deadline. Thank you.


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