I am not doing a blog this week, I’ve just got too many other demands on my time, so this is going to be very short and to the point.

As I’m sure that you are aware it’s Easter next weekend, and whilst many of you employed people get to have Bank Holidays off this self-employed person does not, so all deliveries will be as usual this week – on Good Friday I will have to eat my hot cross bun on the move.

On the veg list this week there will be Purple Sprouting Broccoli, chard, spring greens, rocket, parsley, and chives. There are Isle of Wight mini plum tomatoes, red peppers from Spain, Suffolk mushrooms, and an array of root veg. Red onions are very small, with the brown ones marginally larger. As for fruit there are Royal Gala apples, lemons and Blood oranges from Italy, regular oranges from Spain and Kiwi fruit from Greece. There is however a caveat on these items, they will only be available if the trucks from the continent can get here. There has been such disruption at the ferry ports in the past week, so who knows what will happen.

Such was the demand for wild garlic pesto last week that I had to get a production line going to make the 44 pots required to fulfil orders and the farmers’ market. I will be making it again this week, and for the next few weeks while it is in season.

For your information ‘Rabbitgate’ continues. I have failed to capture the prime suspects, and they have taken the tops out of most of the mangetout peas in the polytunnel – it’s not only fancy restaurant goers that are partial to pea shoots! It will probably mean that there won’t be any peas for you though. Ah, I thought that your attitude towards those cute fluffy bunnies would change when I told you that. The other disappointment in there is that the Pak Choi has all bolted before it was ready to cut. The warm weather of a couple of weeks ago is responsible for that….annoying.

The weather is looking half decent for the week ahead and into the Easter weekend, so I hope that you are able to make the most of it.

Ok that’s me done. Back to my normal drivel next week. Have a good one.





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