Disappointed? Yes I’m afraid so. I’m not talking about Spurs losing in the dullest Champions League final ever witnessed; I expected that. No, my disappointment is directed at a small minority in society that think that it is alright to just take other people’s belongings. My sister was coming to visit today, so I thought that I would get back home in time last evening to cut the grass, just to make the garden look a little bit respectable. To be honest it is like putting lipstick on a pig, because most of it is a little bit out of control and scruffy, but lovely trim grass covers a multitude of sins. Anyway, out I went to start the mower, but it wasn’t where I thought that I had left it, and it wasn’t anywhere else on the premises either, for the simple reason that someone had pinched it! The mower wasn’t new, or smart, or worth all that much, so why bother the risk of getting caught stealing something that they will fetch £30 at a boot sale? I just don’t understand the mentality, and it makes me sigh with disappointment.

Because of the family visit I am starting this late this evening, so I’m going to keep it fairly succinct. Next week I am going to address the elephant in the room…..that’s plastic packaging. Now I am as keen to reduce usage of single use bags as you are, but it is not as easy as it first appears, and none of the currently available alternatives provide the silver bullet that addresses all of the issues raised by their use. Anyway, I will go into the subject next week, and with your input I hope that we can arrive at a solution that we all feel comfortable with.

The growing season is gathering pace, exemplified by the increasing presence of Moyns Park grown produce in the ‘shop’. This week I will be lifting ‘Maris Bard’ new potatoes, picking broad beans, and cutting pointed cabbage. The latter are not that big yet, but they are in good condition right now, so it’s worth enjoying them in their prime. In addition to the items already mentioned, Kohlrabi, lettuce and Chard are also coming fresh from the garden. There is more asparagus this week, plus courgettes, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms, beetroot and garlic. As a special one-off I am getting in some ‘Graffiti’ aubergines this week; they are attractive purple and white streaked fruit and will give the opportunity to practice making your favourite Yotam Ottolenghi recipe. I’m not sure how popular they will be, so numbers are limited.

The hefty rain showers that some of you had during the week completely bypassed Moyns Park, so the ground is very dry, I am having to irrigate to assist germination of the seeds I sowed last week, to avoid them sitting there doing nothing. If there is sufficient time I will give the potatoes a good soaking too, otherwise I think that digging them is going to result in beads of perspiration on the brow – gentleman gardeners don’t sweat you know.

The good news is that I managed to get a dentist appointment on Tuesday, and a temporary fix has eliminated the pain and sensitivity that I was experiencing. The bad news is that I have got to have three sessions of root canal treatment! The alternative was to have the tooth extracted, and I am now wondering if that might have been the best course of action, because the prospect of hour long sessions in the chair don’t fill me with anything but trepidation.

On Monday, only a day after me telling you about the hen pheasant with 19 chicks, I saw her again, close to our first encounter. Now, I am hoping that some were hidden from my view, but only 3 were visible to me. I know that losses are high at that very vulnerable stage, but that seems a particularly devastating reduction of her brood.

Right I must get on, I’m halfway through inflating my ‘Baby Trump’ blimp, unless I find some more puff Donald is going to have a worse turkey neck than usual….bless him. What a guy, what tact, what diplomacy, what manners, the ‘special relationship’ is bigly safe in his stubby hands.

Have a good week; I’m sure that the Queen is looking forward to it.





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