This is going to confuse you! I mean being pointed towards this on a Saturday evening. The reason is because I am going to my nephew’s wedding in Lincolnshire tomorrow, so writing a blog and updating the website will not be high on my list of priorities. And because I don’t want to waste this beautiful evening weather I am going to keep this very brief, because I want to sit out under the parasol with something cold in my hand. In fact I’m only going to tell you that I am aware of some technical problems with the website – the software has some ‘critical vulnerabilities’ that need to be sorted, but my web man has suggested waiting until after Tuesday’s order deadline in case the site is out of action during the update. So be patient this week, we’ll try to limp through until it can be fixed.

I promise to write a proper blog next week, and might even tell you about my triumphant ‘dad dancing’ at the wedding – for triumphant read cringe inducing.

Enjoy this proper high summer weather, it looks set fair for the week. Right, where’s that corkscrew?



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