This is just a brief message to remind you that I am away on holiday this week, and as a consequence there will be no deliveries. I return on Friday 28th, and had planned to be at Wyken on Saturday for the farmers’ market, but on reflection I have decided against committing to that, because I reckon that it will be pretty late before we are home on Friday evening, so it’s probably unrealistic to think that I will have time to prepare for the market.

We arrived here on the Roseland Penninsula just after noon on Friday and went straight to the beach. It was the first time that Nellie had been to the seaside, and boy does she like it! We spent most of the afternoon chasing across the sand in pursuit of her as she determinedly attempted to introduce herself to every creature on the beach – both 4 legged and 2. It was on Friday afternoon that we realised that the puppy classes, and daily training, have thus far resulted in rank disobedience! Much to her chagrin she now has to be restrained on her long lead, as our fellow emmets soon got cheesed off with her distributing sand in their sandwiches as she grovelled around them on their picnic blankets. She was only trying to ingratiate herself, but the charm of an over exuberant puppy can soon wear thin.

The weather for our first two days was much better than expected, with blue skies and pleasant temperatures, but today is overcast with some rain and a stiff breeze; but it was forecast, so we are prepared with pac a macs and sweaters. The rest of the week is looking fine and warm, so I will be braving the beautiful briny sea in the days ahead.

Everything returns to normal from week commencing 1st July. Between now and then there are pasties and cream teas to consume, as well as a glass or two of Cornwall’s finest ales.


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